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Oct 23, 2017


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Notably, this is the SECOND instance of "aggressive" Orca behavior towards humans in recent months.

In this regard, I found it very disheartening that the orca "experts" attributed the Norway orca incident towards competitive surfers to (enter JAWS music) a case of "mistaken identity," as if, in the end, the most highly sophisticated predator in the ocean "can't tell the difference" between a surfer and a pinniped.

Sad in the sense that, by "uncritically adopting pseudo-scientifc sociobiology," there is no meaningful scientific inquiry into "what other causal forces" would create such aggressive behavior, e.g., depleted fish stocks from trawling, global warming and human encroachment.

But also sad insofar there is no scientific basis for "mistaken identity" for sharks vis-a-vis humans, much less higher order mammals like orca, i.e., sharks (and orca) have been sharing the SAME OCEANS for (literally) MILLIONS of YEARS with Homo erectus and prehistoric Homo sapiens, et al.

As such, to proffer such unfounded, speculative conjecture that "apex predators cannot identify us"- a natural competitor and historic threat- turns both Natural Selection and the known Science of their keen perceptive faculties on its head.

It can't be both. Orca and White sharks cannot be as keenly perceptive as we know they are and, yet, be unable to immediately ascertain "what threat exists" before them without being a far, far too injurious trait per Darwin.

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