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Jul 25, 2017


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Fish today, what's tomorrow bring?

T Ayres

This is not the only wildlife he has tortured. Pelicans and other birds are also on the list. He has pictures posted. Also someone commented he dragged a seal too. Don't know if that's posted. Scum that tortures wildlife. FWC - Take his boat and everything on it. Please !

Victoria Powell

And just why would that be "standard method" to do anything like this? It is nothing but sadistic.


This is the sick side of humans. Y do it??

Crystal Milliken

this ass hole deserves to go to jail for a long time! He seems to be a regular at torturing animals. #arresthisass
I would gladly sit on jury duty for this case.

Harrie de Jonge

I hope these guys will end up in court for doing this. They should ban these guys from participating in tournaments and take away there licence to drive a boat.


If this practice is standard in tournaments why aren't the authorities putting a stop to it. Cruelty should never be "standard practice"

David Thompson

True fishermen are sportsmen and release their catch afterwards this is just sick cruelty to the extremes.

Drew Scerbo

It's one thing to legally take a shark (though obviously I prefer catch and release whenever possible, but it's quite another thing to do something like this.

Not only that, but with respect to what Mr. Brice said about this tactic of killing sharks being "standard", perhaps it's time the fishing community was taught about humane methods of dispatching their catches. The fact that anyone would tolerate this behavior, let alone condone it, is surprisingly abhorrent.

Other hunting practices have regulations on humane treatment...being dragged violently behind a boat in order to dispatch a catch could never be considered an acceptable method. Looks like it's time to get new regulations on the table since these incidents are apparently more common than anyone thought.

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