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Jul 20, 2015


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Capt. George Landrum

I do have slight problem with the description above as it is said the fish was quickly filleted because the crew was worried the meat might spoil in the heat. It is against the law here to fillet on board, and later in the description it is said that the fillet station was contacted to stop the fillet process. Well, only one of these should be true unless the fish was caught at the tail end of the trip. Also, almost every Captain I know here is aware of the record weights (unlimited at least, most do not know line class records) and if that fish weighed 102 on a hand held spring scale each and every one of them would have notified Minerva's Tackle of the fish so it could be weighed on land with an IGFA rep present, then the scale sent in for certification. Not trying to burst anyone's bubble here, but come on guys, as mentioned above, it is a big, fantastic fish, and kudos to the angler.


The picture and video do remind me a little bit of the "11 foot" rattlesnake pictures I have seen recently on Facebook. Not sure why an experienced guide would not have had plenty of ice and space to get such a large fish in to the dock.


It was weighed on shore everyone. And Jennifer is correct that Pisces doesn't own Shambala. We do.


Shambala is not owned by Pisces ... they just charter it. Regardless, nice fish.

Pete Thomas

Steve, that's what I was thinking but the fish looks super thick even down by the tail. It's a shame that we'll never know.

Steve Carson

Hi Pete,
Of course photos can be deceiving, but that fish does not look like 102 pounds.
There are a few photos around of confirmed 80-90 pounders, including one caught by Dennis Braid in Panama recently that look a LOT bigger than this one.
And of course there is a reason IGFA does not allow records for fish weighed at sea, as the pitching boat drastically affects the readings.
Unless those guys are the size of Shaq, from the photo that fish looks to be 70-75 pounds.

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