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Mar 10, 2015


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John Smidt

There are plenty of sharks. It is just another fish.


Disgusting, sharks are in decline worldwide and idiots like this glorify in killing a beautiful creature like this.

Jonathan Portwood

Sharks are caught all the time miles out but since they are caught by boat then that makes it ok??(NOT) Some of us prefer a kayak or can't afford a boat and we choose to Keep some shark meat then that makes us bad none caring individuals that are just murdering sharks for the fun of it and that's not true at all we care about the Sharks, environment and the sport and we don't do anything different than the guys out in the big boats beside we don't have oil and gas in our kayaks to spill out in the water and kill everything! Don't give Land base Shark fishermen a hard time just cause we are on the beach and not 20 miles out but I guess out of site is out of mind right?


What a shame. Do we have to kill every beautiful thing in the ocean to entertain ourselves?

matt pemberton

This is Matt Pemberton .
seven men did not take turns in reeling in the mako .
It was one man ( doug ) .
also if you look at my page you will see we don't kill everything we catch like Drew Scerbo says .

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