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Nov 18, 2014


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You bunch of tree hugging hippies crack me up. Your ignorance amuses me. Talking about watch animals in their habitat & that animals have feelings & such. It's comical.

Here's a tidbit for you idiots, recent research has found that plants have feelings too. Guess y'all better stop eating veggies & mowing your lawn & killing weeds. You sick murderers. Those plants are here for some purpose to live.

Oh & quit killing those mosquitoes, flies, spiders, snakes & all the other things you consider pests. I mean they deserve to be here too!!

Haha. Pathetic bleeding hearts. You probably believe killing unborn babies is a choice & not murder as well. Oxymoronic fools!!

patricia ohldag

This Lady should be ashamed of herself she is just a cold blooded killer and she must be stopped killing is not a game it is a crime against God and Nature!!!!!!!


If only the roles could be reversed in that photograph. Here's hoping that one day they will be.

silver light

so someone threatened an animal which belongs to her made her sad ... what about those innocent animals whom she hunt every day... just they didn't belong to her this doesn't mean that u can kill them... and defending yourself on the basis of conservation, balance.. really...?? please do some research and see the population of those species u kill vs. human species... and money can be donated without taking someone's life.Animals are no ones property or commodity. They are on earth just for same thing as humans are i.e to live their life

Jackie McCannon

Yes, the comment about the dog was meant to encourage her to think what it was like to kill a living being - ie unjustifiable, cruel and based on ignorance. I also agree that minimising the killing by calling it "harvesting" is ridiculous.

Mark Rossnagel

Miss Eva. Please disregard any negative comments from the holier than everybody anti hunting crowd. I live not far from where you took the bear and it is a beautiful bear. Congratulations. Had it crossed my path, it would be my picture with the bear. Well done. God bless.

micky ryf

You should try to have compassion for all living beings. They all have a reason for being here, they have there lives to live, there young to take care of. If you look at a free animal in habitat its really quite amazing and beautiful... You can learn a lot from nature. Maybe you should try and look at the real beauty of the creator and learn to appreciate.


She has got no empathy! I feel sad for her. I will pray for her.......

Philippa Horvath

Very sad that you have been raised to believe that hunting beautiful animals is ok. Why don't you break the cycle in your family & refuse to take part. I feel sorry for you - it's child abuse teaching children that this is ok but you are now an adult & can make the right choice. Your beautiful little dog & that bear you killed were both created to live their life, not be used for 'entertainment' for the human race.

eileen  williams

hope you are proud of yourself because nobody else will be that is wanton destruction of wildlife " harvesting" what a dreadful expression why don't you have the guts to say you are a killer , what did that bear do only live his life ! I hope somewhere along the line you develop a conscience about these things,

Maria dicicco

She is not worth a comment. Hope she does not conceive any babies. I teach my kids to love life in all it's expressions. This one was taught to kill. What we can expect? And she think she is helping the planet when she "harvest" a bear? Because the damage crops? We might have a huge population of bears! Liers find excuses everywhere. She is destroying our wildlife so.......what do we do with her? Say no more.


It's a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bear is these

One day, one day this will haunt you in the middle of the night one day you will realise you are mortal and what wrong you have done. The day will come and you will not be at rest with yourself. It is your cross to bare. One day

Dawn Zabrecchi

Killer. Imagine your pet being shot in your back yard. Killer !😡👺🔫

Baishali Bakshi

Ms. Shockey, a bear is a sentient being, just like your puppy. Why don't you ask yourself this question? Is the worth of an animal to me determined by whether I own that animal or have that animal? Is the idea of killing your puppy awful to you, only because it happens to be 'your puppy'? How different in terms of intelligence and response to pain is a wild animal such as a black bear or a wolf, different from an animal you own? Why is that animal's life disposable only because it does not belong to you?

Terri Edwards

This is utterly disgusting. She deserves the opprobrium she's getting.

Sheila Morrison

You just gotta hope see wakes up one day in a cold cold sweat realising the enormity of her life long ignorance ...... and make a change for good.


What is wrong with having empathy for other living things? Despite your protestations, you are not hunting with any purpose or goal beyond your own enjoyment of killing. And drop that term "harvesting." You are killing. Feeling powerful and brave, instead of like the scrum ball you are? Wonder if you would try to kill any one who was armed.


"She killed the bear, the largest she had ever harvested, on the fifth day of a hunt with her father in Hyde County, North Carolina. Bears are responsible for extensive crop damage in the region, and hunting helps control the bear population"

Proof please, and from a reliable source, not some greedy corrupt famer on the take.


You've ended a life, how do you feel about that? That bear did nothing to harm you, he was just living his life until a superficial little shit like you came along and killed him for no reason at all. I can only say that the bear was useful to this planet, completely the contrary to you! Go play tennis or ping pong instead and stop harming animals.


can you possibly be so stupid! Don't you know a sarcastic remark when you hear it? The comment or did not really want you to kill your dog. Was trying to make a point against killing that beautiful bear. Grow up and try to get a grip on reality of life. Animals have feelings too

Sherie haines

This person has no empathy and is in human .

kiran nair

Ironic defending comments about threats to puppy but sees nothing wrong with killing an innocent animal living life, shows how little she values humanity, self-serving and nothing else. There was absolutely no need to kill the bear, she did it for fame or who knows what without any regard to taking an innocent life away when it was not necessary.

Dawn Mello

I think she is a killer, BUT, whoever said that comment about the dog is a loser.

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