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Sep 02, 2014


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I agree and completely disagree with the proffered analysis.

On the one hand, yes, the evidentiary data before us is certainly benign in terms of understanding shark attacks, much less human predation.

But if this camera angle and human intervenors (c.f., Kin Selection in higher order mammals generally) were BOTH available prior to the moments when Jesse Arborgost was TAKEN IN A PREDATORY MANNER in the IDENTICAL marine ecosystem…it would be life-saving and even heroic.

All things change when we can adapt our perception accordingly, i.e., to dispassionately see how hastily negating the sensational response is likewise inapt at some level because there is an EVOLUTIONARY basis for the human behavior (e.g., evidentiary data of Kin Selection generally in our species- that is, there is no genetic relationship a la related mammals in a social group) and the risk of harm to HUMANS from Bull sharks AND Tiger sharks of comparable size is REAL.

Yes or no.

By analogy, one of the largest "news" sources ran a "front page" article intimating how "the boom" of Natural Gas production (it doesn't want to even mention "fracking") is (cough, cough) "reviving" the Rust Belt as if, in the end, the "great jobs" allegedly created by such "fracking" isn't some of the most hazardous if not surely toxic exposure to Methane, Benzene and a litany of other UNKNOWN and POISONOUS WASTE being PUMPED INTO THE WATER SUPPLY WE SHARE with the sharks, rays and these tourists.


Tell me, how is the foreseeable TRILLIONS in CLEAN UP COSTS in the RUST BELT not "part of the news story" much less one mention of COST/BENEFIT between the "fracking" agenda that will (1) unequivocally and therefore unreasonably RISK and/or outright RUIN sizable, invaluable portions of the People's POTABLE WATER SUPPLY with RADIOACTIVE agents; (2) exacerbate Global Warming/Desertification and (3) materially INCREASE the RISK of EARTHQUAKE based on SCIENTIFICALLY verifiable EVIDENCE that Congress and- PARTICULARLY THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA- cannot just capriciously "overlook" when promulgating LAWS that AFFECT THE PEOPLE AND THE PROPERTY POWER OF THE US CONSTITUTION IN Article IV, Section 3. This ENUMERATED POWER OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT…AND THE POLICE POWER OF THE 10th Amendment…BOTH give the Federal AND Several States ALL the power each needs, respectively, to ENJOIN this TRAVESTY of JUSTICE and DENIAL OF DUE PROCESS.

Just this: Congress MUST make such laws that are NECESSARY AND PROPER for PROTECTING the People.

Listen: dear Congress: YOU CANNOT "strangle the People" with "defunding" the EPA any more than corrupted "leaders" can "play dumb" by citing "fracking" talking points when they are pronounced no more honestly than a code for thieves.

Save the sharks? Please.

Let's start with "saving" the larger Food Chain WE ALL SHARE WITH THE WORLD COMMUNITY from deliberate, unrestrained Benzene pollution of OUR OWN RIVERS, Estuaries and OCEAN.

Watch the documentary "Gas Land"…do it now, my friend.

"After the event, even the fool is wise." - Viscount Symonds

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