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Jul 09, 2014


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What strikes me as odd is that there is very little public discussion of the self-evident nexus between Climate Change and El Nino conditions (wait, drudown- perhaps we can "thank" Reagan Administration for "killing" the Fairness Act and therefore a duty to report actual news instead of "paid for" ads masquerading as a contest of ideological principles). It's as "crazy" as the notion that the State (or "government") is the "problem" when verily it is the only thing that can save the People.

Even Science is being "bought" by the same Dark Money that wants to "drown the government in the bathtub" as it pumps lethal Benzene and a myriad of UNKNOWN chemicals into the groundwater and, as such, the shared oceanic food chain (see, e.g., "Gas Land" documentaries).

Let's be intellectually honest. More "fish" and "plankton" for Whales does not in any rational sense equate to more pelagic fish, i.e., the latter are (literally) being "fished out" by unregulated commercial fishing.

The US (or China) should be proposing a unified "policing" of the shared Pacific with Russia, Japan and a collaboration of smaller sovereigns. Like the available supply of fresh, potable water (i.e., far more valuable to drink and irrigate crops than to "frack" for energy when less onerous means- that do not THREATEN the very lifeblood of water- are READILY AVAILABLE) the oceanic resources need to be PROTECTED via REGULATION. Sorry, the SAME entities trying to BANKRUPT the US, UK and EU and DISRUPT cooperation between Russia, China and the US (that is their biggest fear strategically) cannot say "but there is no money" or "it isn't the government's duty." What a lie. See Article I, Section 8. It is Congress' LEGAL DUTY to RAISE REVENUE for the GENERAL WELFARE- not give “taxation welfare” to Fortune 500 companies (see, e.g., “We’re Not Broke” documentary).

Don’t want to TAX the TRILLIONS in unpaid Federal and State income tax- including the funds ILLEGALLY sheltered or sitting “suspended” in these purported havens within our Allies’ personal jurisdiction? Fine, then work out a SETLEMENT AGREEMENT where the PEOPLE GET THE FUNDS and Corporations keep the money, untaxed and “repatriate” it TAX FREE.

This “gridlock” paid for with FOREIGN MONEY? That is just SUICIDE and a BREACH OF LEGAL and FIDUCIARY DUTY to the People AND the Constitution.

“What, we have badges [or receive super-PAC bribes in office] so it’s different?” – Officer Hoyt, ‘Training Day’

Res ipsa loquitur.

"Paid for" scientific conclusions (see, e.g., "Climate Change is uncertain despite EVIDENCE of record surface temperatures in last 15 years) with unfounded, unprovable conclusions aren't really subject to the Scientific Method and, as such, are not Science, e.g., more Arctic ice "disproves" Global Warming and self-evident "desertification."


Instead of "imposing sanctions" at home (see, e.g., "no new taxes, ever" and abroad (see, e.g., fining Russia for establishing order pursuant to Monroe Doctrine exercisable by Russia, EU, China, et al.)….why don't we all WIPE AWAY MAN-MADE debt and engage on the largest infrastructure initiative to date: vast DESALINATION PLANTS and VAST IRRIGATION systems to offset "decertification" and AVOID A FABRICATED "crisis" in such integral areas of our SHARED SURVIVAL, e.g., REGULATING and WHOLLY SUBSIDIZING PROPER INDUSTRIAL WASTE DISPOSAL and eliminating oceanic pollution by "restarting" arbitrary, made up obligations crated by (enter JAWS music) Foreign corruption wanting to ruin government with the Military Might. Think well on this.

"After the event, even the fool is wise." - Viscount Symonds

I dissent.

C. Kilduff

The warmer than average water temperatures also trigger a drift gillnet fishery closure to protect endangered loggerhead sea turtles off southern California. See the link below for more information.


Suit Filed to Protect Endangered Pacific Loggerhead Sea Turtles From Nets
Feds Fail to Enforce Drift Gillnet Fishery Closure During El Niño

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