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Jul 24, 2014


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Muhammad Ector Prasetyo


Michael P

This guy is an asshole. Shark should have been released.

Don Mannix

Mark the Shark seems to have an abnormally large left hand. I'd guess it's thickened over the years from patting himself on the back so much for each of the sharks he kills.


Look at me! Look what I killed!


It is also not mentioned that the endangered shark, being an apex predator, is heavily contaminated with mercury. So those lot of people who were fed are now a step closer to poisoning themselves with it, as it accumulates in us just as much as in sharks. Just as well, maybe we'll have less and less people who see it necessary to eat shark meat.


This moron has to go...everyone is sick of his bullshit!!!


What's failed mention here is that all thresher species are classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. That this "fisherman" can go around killing endangered fish with such wanton glee & disregard is tragic.

Daryl Stafford


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