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Mar 12, 2014


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robert weaver

my wife has caught black marlin blue marlin, striped marlinand ahundred sail fish in her life this was a great monent in her life and Iwas there to share it with her

robert weaver

karen weaver caught and released a truly great marlin


All Sport Fish are catch and release in Costa Rica!!!

Master fisherman

Why dont you tree huggers do some research before you spew from the mouth.


Albino blue marlin. YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Thomas

It says in the story that it was released. They released it promptly, according to the boat owner.

Joe Pug

Was it released? The captain never confirms or denies the release. On the FB page, it just states the beauty was caught, but does not mention a release. This article does not appropriately attribute the release to a source. I want to see a concrete, appropriately cited statement that the Marlin was released.


I'm so glad they released it so it can breed more. Thanks for sharing that gift with the world, rather than keeping it and mounting it. That was truly a selfless act.

joe smith

Yeah, go kill it and hang it on a wall you jackass.

Leslie McCormack

Congrats on the catch and release. Wonderful photos. I never heard of a white blue marlin... Albino or luciestic (sp) it's most assuredly rare sight. Thank you so much for sharing the photos and releasing the creature for others to see and find in the wild! You rock!


@Danny you are why sportsfishing and hunting suck. Why can't you let a treasure like this stay in the wild where others can enjoy its presence? It does not need to caught and mounted in your store. I hope you catch only baitfish.

Jack Forrester

You're the one that needs stuffing pal. Loser!

Arthur Loev

Was it put back in the ocean?? i do hope so.

Gary Henry

Gary Henry. I hoping that the name I'm about to give this rare beauty will forever be recognized as the Blue Diamond Marlin. This name perfectly describes this rare glimmering gem of the sea.

Gail Walker

You don't mount a rare fish in your showroom, you release it!!! Hopefully you won't be
successful during your trip to Costa Rica.


Congrats to capt and crew and anglers. Just so happen I own fish unlimited taxidermy in New York never seen one of these before! I am actually going to Costa Rica on 27 th of this month. Would love to catch this beauty again!! Imagine that!! For sure this mount would be in my showroom! Can't wait!!

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