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Mar 28, 2014


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I'm pretty sure her name in the record book was just an added bonus to the over $1million value of the fish, I wouldn't have thrown it back, there is already enough canned tuna to supply the worlds demand for the next 10+ years, this tuna will be served in up scale sushi joints across japan and US

Charlie the Tuna

Um, um looks good. I wonder who'll get it to market: Starkist or Bumble Bee?

Mike Lum


Not endangered huh? Hmmm...by what metric. These giant, breeding age fish are responsible for maintaining the viability of the population. How many of this fishes future offspring do you think were sacrificed so this woman could have her name in the record books. This is shameful.

AND...I'm a hunter, angler and fishing guide.


Really people, lighten up.. stop being jealous. Congrats! Women Can do it all!

Snadge snarisitzen

All three species of blue fin tuna are being overfished moron newzealand and japan are the few countries responsible

Ted Newgen

The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is endangered not the Pacific Bluefin. Get your facts straight before you post please. PETA f-a-g


This is a critically endangered species, so well done you

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