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Jan 27, 2014


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Eve D.

Encounters like this are not so far off, in the wild, dolphins are very friendly unless provoked and feel they must protect. I have had many such encounters, in which one of my fellow snorkelers was actually nuzzled on the belly by a infantile dolphin. It was beautiful and very gentle. Though it is never a good idea to touch these amazing beings, if they engage, it is usually mutual respect. They touch with sound, sonar... and it is amazing too.

On more than one occasion, a dolphin swam beside me, looked into my eyes and one even gave me dolphin diving lessons... but when I got tired put me with the mothers and babies...I got the message!!!

cynthia Bellini

Courtney and I met Larry at the Dana Point Harbor in October. He had just moved his boat and was outfitting it for his tours. Next time I go to Dana Point, I will go on his boat.it's a magical experience to be on the water and connect with these special dolphins.

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