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Nov 22, 2013


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Joel Saltzman

Wake up people! Something is wrong here. In False Bay Africa, they have to tow fake seals to illicit breaching behavior of their sharks. I've personally seen 4 breaches in 6' of water at El Porto without any human inducement. One of my buddies, Randy Wright has multiple shots from Sunset to El Porto of these sharks jumping out of the water. To be able to sit in a kayak and wait for a shark to jump out of the water and get the shot multiple times? Now the DFC wants to cite people for taking their pictures? First it was 4-6' sharks, then 7-9' and now 10'. That's about the size where their diet changes from fish to marine mammals. Since when did El Porto join the Farallon and Guadelupe Islands as shark capital's of North America?


In other news, another instance of human predation in Western Australia by generalist feeder Great White sharks dimly underscores the patent absurdity of the ongoing social conditioning experiment here in the United States (and elsewhere) that "sensationalized fears" of shark attacks are (ahem) behind our evolutionary apprehension of these known, man-eating predators. The mere fact of statistically infrequent hardly ameliorates the FACT that Great White sharks are indeed man-eating predators.

"I'll say!"
/s/ ghost of Lloyd Skinner

Nor is such a dispassionate recognition of the Great White's dangerous propensities mutually exclusive with conservation efforts.


Oh shut up all you animal conservation whatever whatever. It's the open water, you don't own the water and anything underneath it. No one is harming your stupid sharks.

Noel Huelsenbeck

This type of interaction was never thought possible so I think we're missing a HUGE learning opportunity. The majority of people still think of Great Whites as man eaters, if we can see the sharks in a new light it's an opportunity to harness the experience as a "Teaching Moment".

We can use this information to further our knowledge of nature and explore questions that might otherwise be overlooked. Such as with Great Whites so close to shore in Manhattan Beach and feeding on small fish and rays what might we be doing to their food source by allowing toxic urban run off to spew into their estuary?

Right now nearly all the beaches in Southern California are closed due to high bacterial counts, and this doesn't take the high levels of heavy metals and other contaminants that are always present along the coastline.

The truth is we humans are hurting these sharks because of lack of ability to control the pollution going into their environment. And I’m complicit too; no one I know in the US is exempt from using more than their fair share of resources.

If we really care about these sharks, or nature in general, then maybe this holiday season we can all ask ourselves a question:

#1 Can we harness our collective purchasing power to create positive change by supporting socially responsible businesses that have less of an impact on the eco-system for these sharks and other creatures in nature. If we do this then I think the sharks would really know we care about them.


To be clear: they are not making a new law or banning this activity. The CA DFW is warning that if you break the law (harassing these animals), you could face a potential citation. In my opinion, these animals are not being harassed. In the videos I have seen (aside from the one where they were jumping in to swim with the sharks), the sharks are showing no signs of stress and if anything they appear to be un-threatened and disinterested after a few minutes. The bigger concern is the commentors that suggest someone will be attacked. This attitude propagates the sensational fear that has been applied to these animals and resulted in them being threatened.

David McGuire

Dont blame the sharks when one of these guys gets accidentally bit.
Like other large species of sharks, white sharks should be respected and protected, not over sensationalized. CESA protections for white sharks are pending, but current State regulations make it illegal to capture or harass this species.

Allan Bartlett

I agree that it's bad idea to be chasing White Sharks willy nilly for fun, but how is this any different than all the people who go on these "White Shark Expeditions" to places like Guadalupe Island, South Africa, South Australia? This having been said, I don't think we need another law that bans people from this type of activity.

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