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Nov 08, 2013


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Ps. another anecdote I gleaned from the shark encounter off Osprey Reef derived from a special on TV about how researchers had been wrangling the local Whitetip Reef shark population to insert tracking devices, et al. (enter sobbing housewife in bathrobe voice: "how could I know?")…and I wondered if the seemingly abrupt and unnecessary chomping motion (a la Basic Instinct) of the shark in my direction was triggered by (ahem) past molestation.

But like all victims, pelagic sharks and tortfeasors take them as they find them. Seems unwise to force an encounter based on the behavior exhibited by White sharks at Guadalupe Island. I remember thinking most of the White sharks were quite docile and definitely in "free meal at the Cafeteria" mode. Well, and I was so blown away at how fast they were when sneaking in, displacing the dominant White shark.

"okay, this is where you tell me that they are related to Mako sharks, right?" - Johnny Utah

"They're semi-warm blooded like tuna, maybe their favorite fish to eat- isn't it wild? Say, let's swim from cage to cage. It's the perfect opportunity, man." - Bodhi, 'Point Break'


As for undersea pier viewing, well, not sure everyone wants to force an "encounter" with ANY generalist feeder White shark- say, one that was bit by a more dominant shark at the White Shark Cafe ("step aside, son") or that was just hooked off San Onofre still in shock or, perhaps worst still, a 10ft shark that just went on one of its first migrations to the open sea…feeding?



"After the event, even the fool is wise." - Viscount Symonds


Uh, I remember the "excitement" of following a "harmless" Whitetip Reef shark on a night dive off Osprey Reef, Australia…and what did I learn from the shark's aggressive response? [i.e., 'chomp chomp' at my torch]

"never follow a predator"

Well, without factoring in the possibility that it might bite before flight response accrues.

Just saying.

Moreover, the "theory" that 9 ft White sharks "only eat fish" sounds like an unfounded assumption. Certainly 19ft White sharks "still eat fish"…so perhaps the alleged "dietary shift" between fish and pinnipeds is more overstated than commonly believed. Certainly juvenile White sharks have been directly implicated in multiple instances of shark attacks in Australia (e.g., 2008-2009)

Above all, the notion that the behavior of White sharks under baited conditions at Guadalupe Island is in any way a reliable indicia of how this White shark would react? Not very sound Sociobiology.


Its got the wrong shape head for a great white its got an elongated nose like a dolphin!

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