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Nov 15, 2013


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Yuri Mendez

Great post. It makes me see who he was and I see his great spirit. God blessed him alive.


RIP Kirk @ken that was my first question - who's the guy taking off in front of him - hopefully karma will do its thing.


after seeing if he looked over at pat gudakas who took off on him that slight look could have shifted his weight where his nose went under/lost his concentration/nothing a surfer hates worse the somebody taking off when its ur wave/i have been known to shoot my board at them/acting klike i fell/but really trying to hit him


All of the news stories I've heard about this make it sound like Kirk CHOSE to not wear a vest. Yes, he chose to go out without a vest. Yes, most of the other guys wear their vests. But these vests (at least the most high-end ones that the pros wear) are NOT on the market for sale yet. They are prototypes that are being tested and cannot be released for purchase to the public yet because of liabilities. Perhaps Kirk chose not to wear a vest, but perhaps he would have if he was able to get one. Either way, Kirk was a charger and will be greatly missed in the NS community.

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