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Oct 24, 2013


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Eagle Wing Tours

Just watched the video and I have to say I'm still a bit nervous about sharks. Lots of respect go out to those who ride these sharks though.. it really does take cojones! ;-)

It would be amazing if more people are comfortable with sharks (as they are with Dolphins and Whales) but with sharks, I think people will always have that slightly uneasy feeling of danger nearby. If you were to grab onto a sealion, whale, dolphin or even me (6'7"), you may end up getting smacked around a bit if they feel you're invading their territory or personal space. It doesn't make them a big scary monster though.. this is what we need to educate the public about.

Thomas Letonja DVM

Why are you killing this creatures? How are they going to reproduce if you kill the stock? Sad, no future in this sport; less fish in the oceans.

Tony Grossman

Perhaps, like the human aversion training that Nevada Dept. of Wildlife uses with wild Bears, this will teach sharks that they may not want to be around people, and people are NOT food!

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