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Oct 24, 2013


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Joe estrada

Just like the Louvar that was taken from us. I wonder if Pancho was in on it ?



Gee, you must be "real proud" of the GOP "shutting down" the government (i.e.,, losses in excess of $24 billion) after attempting to wield Legislative Veto power to "defund" the ACA which, not coincidentally, passed through three separate branches of our government. Restated, the "concessions" sought by the GOP Congress to end the "shut down" are, by definition, an Unconstitutional Legislative Veto (see, INS v Chadha (1982) 462 U.S. 919).

It is well established that “the Due Process Clause was intended to secure an individual from an abuse of power by government officials.” Daniels v. Williams (1986) 474 U.S. 327. How does the "shut down" and/or REFUSAL to promulgate a commercially reasonable Budget not constitute an "abuse of power" if such State Action is merely cloaked in "partisan ideology", as if, in the end, the BILLIONS in losses caused by the last "shut down" was not eminently avoidable by merely following the Constitution's express commands?


I think your GOP "leaders" have demonstrated that they have zero regard for the hard work and struggle our progenitors made to secure the New Deal and diplomatic unity with the EU.

Maybe you could watch the documentary 'Gas Land' and reconcile how, pray tell, the GOP's special interest puppeteer isn't "taking" real property under the People's noses by rendering any use impracticable via environmentally disastrous "fracking"?

And then reconcile how the GOP Congress has "discretion" to allow the Government to "shut down" instead of simply RAISING REVENUE per Article I, Section 8's express commands? Oh, wait. I forgot that "strict construction" of the Constitution is impossible for the "Decider".

Nice work turning the US into a Police State with zero to show for it!The notion that 9/11 was the first time warrantless wiretapping was purportedly "justified" is a farce. There is ample case law expressly holding it is per se UNCONSTITUTIONAL. See, Scott v. United States (1978) 436 U.S. 128 ("every wiretap must be conducted in such a way as to minimize the interception of communications not otherwise subject to interception").

How is can the NSA seize such a vast amount of data, records and privileged communications in blatant disregard of precedent and the EXPRESS language of the 4th Amendment…with ZERO probable cause and ZERO limitations on course and scope of the intrusion?

I hope the voters remember which party has BETRAYED the People by attempting to thwart the very function of our Government. Your GOP PR Brigade gibberish just underscores the larger plan to "undo" the New Deal for no consideration to the People at all.

"Thy love afar is spite at home." - Emerson


what is the name of the fellow still holding the fish

Diana Christensen

Not a dolphin.... A sea lion..... I have seen this little guy there and he does just about climb in your boat.... Nice Dorado too!


The dolphin must be a Democrat. Somebody else did all the hard work and the Dolphin knows he's entitled.

Karen Talley

OMG. Thief!!!

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