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Aug 02, 2013


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Berckmoes Lynn

YOU where the ugly parasite!!! Shame yourself!!!!! Idiots!!!


Cliff is a doorknob.


Really bad habbit!!No respect

Jon Morales

"Damn, he could have drowned the poor thing. At the end it looks like it was desperately swimming towards the surface to get some air."

.... this is a joke right?


Dude needs a girlfriend.


That fish enjoyed that .....they rub them selves against anything they can find to rid themselves of parasites.That fish thought he was getting some......

J. Bullard

this is an embarrassment to human kind. this guy is purely and simply a mindless twit egged on by his equals. What a disgrace. No respect!

Bruce Williams

Rednecks know no bounds when there's an animal they can kill, maim, or dominate.


The cowboy mentality has no place in the ocean; keep it in the rodeo grounds.

Promoting this sort of inane behaviour is a mistake as it may lead to other fools trying it.

Barnacle Bill

Damn, he could have drowned the poor thing. At the end it looks like it was desperately swimming towards the surface to get some air.

Brostie McBride

These guys are all total retards. Probably pulled the wings off flies when they were kids. "In some parts of the world, divers ride giant mantas and whale sharks"? Not where I dive. We teach our students to respect nature and that we are in the ocean to observe NEVER to touch.


very sad


Try a great white next time :)


Just one more IDIOT abusing an animal to gain space in odd corners of the non-discerning fishing media... like this one. Too bad the fine line between real sport fishermen and plain morons is being blurred so often.

Grumpy Mola

What a jerk...so disrespectful of wildlife.
If the situation were reversed, Cliff would be a cray-baby screaming "get it off me!" and then form a lynch mob to kill the vicious beast that attacked him.
I can only hope he gets barnacle rash/parasites where the sun don't shine.
Leave wild creatures be, take nothing but photos.

Al Felker

This is way better than "catch and release". Wish more "Sea Kitten" catchers did this than eat them.


If when you rode the bull it peeled the skin back and left it vulnerable to parasites and infection, bull riding would not be looked at as a "harmless" activity. That is what can happen to sea creatures when abused by humans. They have a protective coating that when removed makes them vulnerable. We need to learn that everything in the world is not there for our amusement.


Not cool

Dive Pro

If I had seen this, Cliff would have woken up in the hospital. It's not funny, it's abusive and harmful for the animal. Further, this is actually illegal in many parts of the world.


Let me ride your mamma and let's see if you will find it funny!

Judy Willis

Bull riding's not frowned upon. Calf roping? This is funny!!

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