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Jul 11, 2013


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Given that a 15 year old was just (literally) bitten in two by an opportunistic, generalist feeder Bull shark off Reunion Island, let's not succumb to unfounded groupthink that sharks are "harmless" and "misunderstood". Nonsense. They are potentially dangerous for one and only one reason: they have always been known to attack and consume us as a tertiary prey item. They do not, as is commonly alleged, attack humans out of "mistaken identity" or some "territorial response". There is ZERO scientific evidence of either in any legitimate instance of predation, i.e., as opposed to merely "mouthing" or "investigatory" behavior.

Tell me, since you seem so concerned with the purported "sensationalism" of shark attacks (I mean, uh, "encounters" or, ahem, "accidents"), is it fair to say that truthful reporting on actual instances of human predation by pelagic sharks is a condition precedent for the general populace to make an informed decision whether to "go in the ocean" to begin with?

Contrary to popular "conditioning" and "straw man" arguments, few informed people contend that shark attacks are, in fact, commonplace, much less that to dispassionate accept the pelagic shark's dangerous propensities is mutually exclusive with understanding their critical role to our marine ecosystems.

To the contrary, perhaps a level of intellectual honesty would be best in an era when half of our elected officials feign disbelief in accepted Science (see, e.g., "climate change is the greatest hoax in the History of mankind"; "fracking is safe to humans and animals, despite the Benzene agents in 'pre-fracking' fluids that enter the water table", et al.).

Just a thought.

"After the event, even the fool is wise." - Viscount Symonds

Buster Himen

I find it odd that that the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab wouldn't publish Great White Shark sightings. Mr Eric Martin, I'm glad no kid swimming near those sharks was attacked. At what point do YOU decide it should be reported?

I would encourage you to "boast" all shark sightings so the citizens can decide whether or not to enter potentially dangerous conditions.


tell dan Montrose to stay the hell out of the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Sansenbach

Love your closing commentary Pete. Maybe someday we'll learn to stop reacting with such sensationalism to these magnificent animals. No one is forced to go into the ocean.

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