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Jul 25, 2013


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Joe Fish Killer

Not just a DICK, Kurt is another IDIOT socialized by a generation of idiots who get their view of nature solely from cartoons that personify fish and other creatures. Nemo has come back to haunt us.

Who knows how many 'innocent' mackerel and squid that 'innocent' yellowtail devoured over its lifetime?

Kurt, how about you spend some time on the ocean and learn a bit about the circle of life at sea?

Linda Habecker

Kind of a "DICK", aren't you?? Fishing is a sport.

Kurt Lieber

So, we are supposed to be impressed that this guy killed a completely innocent yellowtail, NOT so he could eat it, but so he could enjoy the thrill?!?! I indeed am not impressed, but rather disgusted. We have killed off 90% of the large fish that used to be found alive in our oceans. Now we have eliminated another fish so some jerk can have his picture taken... No respect, and that is exactly how I feel about mr. Tsuida.

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