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Jul 17, 2013


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I suggest Deer Trail launch a drone rodeo, here are some event ideas

- WW3: Four man teams control squads of drones and attempt to destroy or disable the enemy teams. No RF jamming allowed.

- Monkey In The Middle: One team splits into two groups and throws a flaming ball back and forth. The second team tries to get the ball. Upon success the first team becomes the monkey. (drones playing catch: http://youtu.be/hyGJBV1xnJI)

- Evasive Maneuvers: Let the crowd get in on the action! Audience members squirt water cannons to try and take down the drones. The drones counterattack by dropping water ballons on the audience.

- Alien Abduction: Put a cat in the arena, contestants try to hover the drone above the cat and bathe it in a cone of light (no hurting the cat!)

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