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Jul 31, 2013


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Perhaps this image should be juxtaposed against the commonly dispensed fiction that the People of the United States should have more concern over the (enter JAWS music) "Nanny State boogeyman" than the foreseeable reality of living in a world where private entities, multinational Corporations and selfish and/or simply impoverished citizens dump trash- including toxic chemicals and hazardous waste- with no repercussions into our shared oceans. Not coincidentally, Killer Whales are the most toxic animals on Earth. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Without the State partially or totally subsidizing and regulating waste disposal...our oceans are doomed. This image is just the harbinger of things to come.

Enough of this shopworn propaganda that we "don't really want" our government to tell the private entities, multinational Corporations and selfish and/or simply impoverished citizens poisoning our shared planet "what they can and cannot do" on account of some alleged Libertarian playbook pronounced by most no better than a code for thieves.

Can we say less of our dwindling oceanic fish stocks? Without federal regulation- indeed, the entire World Community acting together in good faith to regulate future harvests- coupled with inaction over climate change- the oceans are going to change as rapidly as our melting ice caps.

What good then will the extra thousands of dollars be that you netted via a "no new taxes" regime? About as worthless las the and is rendered uninhabitable after the pipes rupture in and around "fracking" (see, e.g., documentary 'Gasland' to hold the "free market" face to face).

Enough about saving the sharks and whales. Let's start with regulating our own activities, shall we? That is the first step towards the other.

"After the event, even the fool is wise." - Viscount Symonds

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