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Jun 10, 2013


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Sean R. van Sommeran

That specimen is decades old,(easily over 20 years old, possibly much older) and it was killed off in a matter of hours, for amusement,,,

What a waste of wildlife.
I do not encourage trophy killing of our planets wildlife and nature, as some form of sport,,, that isnt subsistence based or community support; the shark is worth more as an asset alive to the State of California alive than dead.

They could have just filmed it and enticed the shark with lures and the footage would be their remembrance and momento; it would have been valuable wildlife documentation as well.

Sportfishing is awesome ( I fish for salmon, rockfish and albacore tuna) but some species and some generational catagories of certain species should not be extracted for trivial purposes.

Further more, I did want to add some information regarding the high environmental value of older and more mature generational catagories of female sharks (Lamnids in particular).

Litter size is dependent upon the size of the mother, with larger sharks producing larger litters. Gestation and sex ratio of litters and reproductive payload of mature females are often dependent upon geographical locations and seasonal conditions which may vary the time of gestation by months depending upon the various conditions and generational classes of the gravid females.
Thank you for reading, with Lamnid sharks the reproductive cycle and process is time consuming and very much influenced by generational catagories and conditions.

Thats my opinion, and the policy of the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation. Thanks for reading.

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation (PSRF)
Since 1990

the concept:

Keith Poe

She was most likely born here in So Cal and returned once again to pup here as it would seem she has done several times before.

It's very possible she has been hooked and release here before as most sport fisherman release but the gill nets allowed with in 3 miles of shore in So Cal August 15th are indiscriminate killing anything large enough to stick in the nets with an 83% by catch rate.
Most are juveniles never having reproduced before harvesting.
Given this is also a White shark nursery and there is also growing concern about further protecting white sharks it would seem the nets would be banned like they are in much of the US.
Even if the new protection for white sharks is implemented there is no plans at this point to ban the nets the primary problem in the California current system.
I have been sport fishing helping to collect data for 20 years to aid in sustainable fisheries of our shark populations primary being a nursery for white makos threshers blue and salmon sharks and as with all the fishermen before me i continually see declines year after year and still we have kill nets and no size limits to allow for reproduction before harvest.

Most none large pelagic species are manged with size limits.
There is much to still be learned but there is in my opinion more than enough data to substantiate further regulation starting with banning gill nets and stop allowing long lines to land their catch in US ports.
There is allot of data to support long lines are still impacting the same fishery outside 200 miles as inside 200 miles concerning makos sharks.

It would seem to be a good precautionary measure to implemented size limits automatically to insure reproduction before harvest.

Looking back at historical data indicates over 90% drop in historical population levels so that would indicate fisheries managers are currently managing only 10% at sustainable levels.

Sustainable levels does not indicate what many believe and sustainable levels are reevaluated and adjusted usually to lower levels.

I sincerely hope we do not end up collapsing the north eastern pacific population of makos and other shark species like the east coast before some basic common since management is implemented once again to late but i fear it's a given from mans history truly tragic.

Are you smarter than a fifth grader ? i believe most fifth graders that looked at the current historical population decline over 90% low slow reproduction rate they would not allow two per day any size per angler that does not allow for reproduction before harvest they would ban indiscriminate gear with 83% by catch rates this is not rocket science but it is important the government does depend on the revenue generated from the fishery especially in the current economic crisis.

Keep in mind large pelagics are harvested just across the boarder and it's easy to point the finger and say hey we are the most regulated fisheries in the world like wicked tuna hides behind and many destructive unsustainable fisheries.

Human nature profit first sustainability last to the point of collapse a second fishery in a major ocean people really

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