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Jun 11, 2013


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Don't outright condemn Sea World unless you have been there lately. Yes they do have shows exhibiting what animals can do. They are very well cared for. Better I must say than many elementary school students I have met.
Sea World is taking the lead in rescuing sealife who would have died in the wild. They also are studying and breeding endangered species to keep them on this planet. They study behavior in order to help,not harm, like a circus might. I just came back from San Diego and visited the zoo, Wildlife Park, Scripts Institute and Sea World. You should do the trip and see first hand what each is doing to save species from extinction before making comments that are unfounded.


Johan, as a Naturalist friend of Steve's I can tell you with confidence that this is a Bottlenose Dolphin. Unfortunately for us, we rarely, if ever, see porpoises off the coast of Orange County.


Awesome picture...but isn't that a porpoise?


Beautiful picture, and we really need to stop what is going on at the cove with the capture and killing of the Dolphins. We need to stop it around the world. I refuse to attend a facility that uses animals of any breed, as an attraction.

James B

Such beautiful creatures. How can humans be so evil as to senselessly kill them?

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