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May 13, 2013


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You've probably seen this, by the most excellent Chad Love:

"There's a video making its way across the digital ether that purports to show a "hunter" catching a "quail" with his bare hands while on a "quail hunt" in Texas. It's up on both the Field & Stream and Outdoor Life websites, and the fact that it is up on both Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, and represented as such, is, in my opinion, a sad testament to many things..

Now I don't know the particulars of the video, where it was shot, etc., but just from a viewing of it, I feel a few clarifications are in order...

First, this guy's not a "quail hunter." He's some dude in a backwards baseball cap walking around in a field holding a shotgun.

Second, he's not on a "quail hunt". He's on a planted poultry shoot, in which a bunch of bros and bras walk around a forty or fifty-acre field, quite literally kicking up domesticated fowl that a few hours before were scratching for pellets in a flight pen."

Read the rest here:


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