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Mar 04, 2013


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Dottie Nelson

The more we learn about these animals-- it will help protect them from "Us"-- we are the apex predators of the world-- and sadly it will disrupt the ecosystem if these wonderful animals are gone. Education is paramount-- and not Fear and Myth. These fish are the only animals-- ( I mean fish ) that spyhop-- looking above the surface of the water at their surroundings-- which means -- They think.


I was wondering if any of U understand it is their ocean & their domain not ours. We are only visitors to this domain, we as a specie cannot exist under water without a breathing apparatus. We must find coexistence on this earth with our fellow earth dwellers.


GM is an absolute idiot. He or she should be a sacrifice to the fish gods asap! Survival of the fittest and such...clearly don't want to pass those genes on.


Kill it before it kills somebody? Idiot comment! Humans kill more humans than a fish...paaaleeeese!


In 25 feet near a popular surfing spot...how are these idiots going to feel, when this shark kills someone, when they had the chance to kill it first?

Mary K

Taylor Durden

Best comment to a news article I've ever seen. Kudos!

Roberta DiRamio

My little surfer, will be staying out of the ocean here in SPV that is,till this bitch and the rest of her clan has decided to leave the area! It'll probably be summer, before this little bad ass surfer gets to go back out there!! Such a shame the waves have been good and the weather mostly great.
Very Concerned Surfer's MOM

Taylor Durden

When these things develop their kelp breathing apparati and start coming for us on land, we are in serious trouble.

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