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Feb 20, 2013


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Ivy Bennett

I was just in Cabo in early February and it seems that the whales and schools of dolphin are everywhere! We were out fishing and went really close to a whale who was lying just under the surface. It wasn't hard to look around and see whale activity. Then the captain of the boat would shout, "whale!" and we would slow down and divert. It seemed to me the whales and dolphin didn't seem to be afraid of the people! They would stay and play! Almost like they were showing off! This particular area is not really very large.....as he shows the famous arch at the end. There are always a lot of people out there as it is a HUGE tourist and fishing area and the whales remain!

Corine Sutherland

Even just watching this on YouTube I felt like it was too close for comfort. People have a natural tendency to want to be up close, but the whales have a natural tendency to just go about their business. People say these whales can just swim away, perhaps, but boaters could just as well stay away.

Teresa Wagner

Does Mexico not have any marine mammal protection laws? There were an awful lot of boats near those two whales. And two were moving quite fast. This did not seem safe or respectful for the whales.

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