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Feb 14, 2013


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In spite of its infamously glorified reputation, the Great White Shark is not an indiscriminate, merciless murderer. With that being said, it is also arguably the ocean's most feared predator and one of nature's most proficient and skilled killers. With an arsenal of evolutionary attributes at its disposal, this predatory beast wields unbelievable abilities that should commend more awe and respect than feared.

Pete Thomas

Moskito, the acoustic tag you're referring to, I'm almost certain, involved a shark tagged at the Farallon Islands and was tracked to Guadalupe. Not the other way around. It was in 2008. I have the PDF file on that. Also, scientists don't have a great handle on where sharks are born and and whether Guadalupe sharks are swimming to SoCal to give birth. Plus, I was referring to adult white sharks throughout the story. It's well-known that juvenile white sharks from California swim along the Baja coast.

j moskito

This is NOT the first time a shark has crossed the border, Mexican Researchers 4 years ago acousticly tagged a Great White at Guadalupe and then it was reported at the Farallons. nor is this the only one
in addition we know that most of the Guadalupe juveniles are born in Southern Calif and return several times even before going to Guadalupe or the Farallons


The reason why sharks tagged at Guadalupe Island are not seen at the Northern CA pinniped rookeries is presumably because the majority of those that are there in such rich hunting grounds (e.g., Farallon Islands) are much larger and more mature- and presumably much more dominant- than the 12-16ft White sharks at Guadalupe Island.

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