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Feb 03, 2013


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Ralph Kriho

Hope you all have continued success with the fish in Cabo. Please save a few for your envious
siay at homes. Keep a tight line and have a margarita on me. If you are living in Paradise, where do you go to have a vacation?
Ciao, boys and girls.

Ralph Kriho

This is one big fish. If an average cat could eat the whole fish in one sitting how big would that cat have to be. What would it resemble?
Now tell me what is the sound of one hand clapping?
If a tall, tree falls in a remote forest and there is no human there. Does it make a noise?
Are fish able to hear?
What species of fish is the absolute biggest and what does it eat?
Have you read The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway? What happened to the
large fish that he caught?
Why do many North Americans eat fish on Fridays?
Why was Buffalo Bill buried on the side of a hill?
Ralph J. Kriho

Ralph Kriho

God Love them. It's too bad they could not have released it alive. Does any one know what pound test line and any specific information on other equipment.

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