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Jan 09, 2013


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Jenny Zea Mays

I tried to call the 1877 number but it said it cant be used from my area (ON) ?!?! :(

William Spiritdancer

Those guys in the video better watch out! Those whales will snatch them in a second. Heard they snatched a polar bear earlier.


I urge everyone to call Quebec region Dept of Fisheries - Marine Mammal Distress toll free number 1-877-722-5346. Maybe if we flood their line they will actually do their job and do something about it.

They post on their page

You are invited to call 1-877-722-5346 toll free to alert the Network to any incident of accidental entanglement in fishing gear, stranding, ship strike, drifting carcass or marine mammal that has strayed from its customary range.



How about a boat that cuts through the ice? Seriously, how hard would it be to send a boat immediately rather then just sitting around and assessing the situation. Humans are the most inhumane beings on earth.


I hope the Gov't will do something. Explosives, a nuclear sub surfacing, anything to help these magnificent animals.

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