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Oct 30, 2012


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Plant Nursery

I heard this news from the other blog maybe. But this information is quite true. I thought it was just a rumor. Luckily there are some other people who had respected our ecosystem,. this is very lucky sharks though. :D


Thank you for your prompt response.

Great White protection is necessary and good for the ecosystem.

Top pinniped predators are great.

I agree that poachers should be stopped every time. All of the fishermen that I know who use macs and the described terminal tackle target the larger game fish and practice C&R and would never take a Great White.

Pete Thomas

Sean, I see your point and, in fact, tweaked the wording a bit to soften the tone. But if that guy who works at the end of the pier hadn't been around, at least one of the six white sharks hooked since July would have been gaffed and hauled up. Who knows whether this latest guy, who has now hooked three of the six, would have cut his line or tried to bring any of the sharks up if the aquarium biologists weren't there keeping an eye out. I support the protection of white sharks, whose jaws are worth a lot of money on the black market, so I think targeting them (and he clearly is targeting them) is not the most responsible thing to do.



Thank you for your work covering CA outdoors, but I am disappointed with your piece.

"While the unnamed angler released both specimens, and may not have broken any laws, he appears to have been walking a fine line.
"He has steel leaders, and I looked in his bucket and saw that he's using large dead mackerel for bait, so he seems to be fishing for this stuff," Martin said."

This implies the style of fishing is close to breaking laws when it was the angler reluctance to release the fish is once properly identified that is close to violating the law.

Please anglers suffer enough as is with the MLPA closures and public perception is against us. The juxtaposition of the quotes will lead more misunderstanding. Catch and release is a very effective for protecting prohibited species as well as a great fish management tool. Your tone sides with PETA not with the vast majority of law abiding anglers who enjoy the benefits of the great Pacific Ocean.

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