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Sep 13, 2012


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samouel bernstein

An attractant is not always a bait.

An attractant may be a scent (doe in heat scent, dominant buck scent, sow in heat, dominant boar, raccoon scent, etc.) that is applied to a surface or broadcasted aver an area to illicit an emotional response from an animal. Attractants do not always illicit the animal to feed. Hogs naturally follow raccoon scent, because raccoons are great at discovering food sources.

In order for an area to be considered "baited" the area must contain any substance (food, salt or mineral) that the animal may LICK or EAT ("...baited area shall mean any area where shelled, shucked or unshucked corn, wheat or other grains, salt, or other feed.").

If the area has the SCENT of apples, strawberries, corn, etc. applied to it and there is nothing for the animal to EAT, then the area is not considered baited. Hog & bear hunters have been known to drag a rag behind them that has been doused with strawberry extract to hide their human scent.

Apple extract on a scent cloth has also used by archers to hide their location in a tree stand. The "attractant" is 20 feet above the deer with the hunter & totally inaccessible to the deer.

So to say that, "a bait is an attractant, and an attractant is a bait" is false. It is the intent that defines what is bait.

That is why the same section defines areas with food sources left in the fields or grown through normal agricultural operations as not being 'baited areas." Therefore, if you have a plot of land and develop some of it as a "garden," plant row crops, blackberries, strawberries, plant an apple or apricot orchard or a just beautiful field of clover, and one of these animals comes into it during season - the animal is fair game. The landowner prohibited from broadcasting food, setting up a feeder (except for their own livestock) or intentionally hunting over a pile of food/garbage.

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