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Sep 25, 2012


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calico gator

i hate hunters they are cruel leave Americas endangered animal alone!!!!!!!

Wholesale Nursery

Wow! Congrats! Thats scary though! I think the new record for the biggest and the longest crocodile in the world is in the Philippines and they name it as "LOLONG". Pretty scary

Charles Freret

Congratulations, Peter, my boy! You have just redefined the geographic make-up of the state of Mississippi. For your education- Issaquena County, Mississippi, where the big gator was caught, is located in the Mississippi Delta region, not the Mississippi River Delta region. Those are two distinctly different geographic areas. Nor is Issaquena County west of the Mississippi River- the Mississippi River forms the state boundary between Louisiana and Mississippi. Now we of geographic knowledge recognize that the above fact places Louisiana on the western side of the Mississippi River. Ergo- Issaquena County, Mississippi is located east of the Mississippi River. Better fact checking on your part would go a long way in establishing a higher level of creditability in your articles!



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