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Aug 27, 2012


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Aquarium Services

Thats a good news, the baby looks amazing and cute.


Neither of her two previous calves are alive. She had one in June 23, 1998 that didn't even live past a day. The 2005 calf was a still born, July 10, 2005. the "Luga'logue has a list of living and deceased belugas in American aquariums. http://ceta-base.com/lugalogue/deceasedlugas/deadlugas_shedd.html. Only four out of five of their births are still alive....excluding the new calf. Hopefully this one makes it, as the captive breeding program is not as successful as claimed. There are only about 34 in American aquariums, a lot of which are past breeding age. Unable to create a sustainable captive population, the Georgia Aquarium is now trying to import Russian wild caught belugas, to rejuvenate a failed breeding program.

The Website also has a listing for other dolphins, living and dead, under the "Phin'ventory". The number of Pacific White-sided dolphins Shedd has had can be viewed as well. It is flat out wrong to say that the Shedd has never had a captive birth for Pacific White-sided dolphins. They have. Four in fact. The last one was on June 3, 2011, by Tique. 2011 wasn't that long ago.

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