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Aug 20, 2012


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Joey Racano

And right back at ya, Mr anonymous fibber- the environmental impact report for the state lands commission says different. It says whales often swim toward the blasting as well as away. Look at what happened in Peru- 900 dead Dolphins and who knows how many out at sea. According to the California Fish and Game Commission, every life form in Point Buchon State Marine Reserve will die. The EIR calls Blue whales, Finbacks and Humpbacks PBR Probable Biological Removal. Know what that means Mr fibber? The National Science Foundation who are the people you are talking about- said themselves that there will be significant unavoidable impacts on marine Mammals, especiall harbor Porpoises who use the area as their core region.

Please visit facebook: Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

Joey Racano, Director
California Ocean Outfall Group

Engineering Scientist

Dear Joey: While your concern for the whales is touching, the seismic testing won't kill or deafen all whales in this video because the company doing the seismic testing (NOT PG&E) employs marine specialists who halt the testing any time whales are sighted in the vicinity; also the testing is halted if there is poor visibility and any whales have been sighted in the last 24 hours. Your comment about how the blasts are expected to kill all whales in the area is factually incorrect as well as an obvious attempt to incite the wrath of the general public toward PG&E.

Joey Racano

Dear whale lovers- The whales in this video will be killed or deafened by seismic tests about to be carried out in Central California starting November 1st. The seismic tests involve 260 decibel sound blasts by Pacific Gas & Electric who own the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant nearby. The blasts will come every 13 seconds 24 hours a day seven days a week for about 1 month. The blasts are expected to kill all whales in the area!
the facebook page:

Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

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