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Jul 10, 2012


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""i hope these idiots are found and prosicuted".....irony at it's finest".....irony at its finest.


"i hope these idiots are found and prosicuted".....irony at it's finest


i hope these idiots are found and prosicuted.

Mike Hanson

That is definitely a baby Great White. It has triangular teeth (see 6:02 of video), Mako's have pointy teeth. Also the black tips on the pectoral fins are another give away. I live in Huntington, and I have done my fair share of shark fishing (on a boat) but this is plain moronic.

Mako's just don’t come this close to the beach and they should know that. I hope these guys got the max fine...


learn how to use a camera too!

steve wible

good work eric. a shame the shark couldn`t get close enough to BITE this guy!


yep dumb fishermen don't really care, protected species or not. once was asked to go 'bird doggin' with fish & game on a pier, was interesting and some fishermen learned (the expensive way) about fishing regs

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