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Jul 10, 2012


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The Hairy Beast

Ludicrous. Basking shark dorsals are rounded and raked backwards toward the tail. This dorsal is sail-shaped and even has the ragged trailing edge at the back. Definitely a white shark.


That is absolutely laughable- not only in its own sociobiological right (i.e., Basking sharks avoid people entirely; White sharks are investigatory towards humans) but that the observed behavior closely coincides with a White shark investigating a potential ancillary opportunity, e.g., most likely, White sharks associate these kayaks with fishing boats and are looking to usurp an opportunity off the line or a weakened and tired, discarded catch.

But a Basking shark?

My god, do you people think the larger public is that stupid... as you purport to condition them at every turn to think actual fear of an actual threat was, "upon closer inspection", something other than it was. Here, a pursuit. Most often, after a predatory event. Is it really even worth considering here? Absolutely not. It is (once again) more like Southern Fried Bunk Science.

Just as Alligators in Florida have always been known to prey on people (see, e.g., recent amputation), so too, have White sharks ALWAYS been know to not only attack small boats, but eat the humans that operate them.

The irony is that the misinformation comes from the sources trying to save the sharks at any cost- even proffering credible scientific theory.


Do your duty as a Scientist to be objective, and leave the rest to the gods.

"Truth fears no trial." - Thomas Fuller, M.D.

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