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Apr 29, 2012


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Terry USCG veteran

I find it typical not to see any comments on this tragedy, especially regarding the obsurd one sided comment that the use of PFD's possibly attributed to these deaths. Though it will never be known, it may be pausible. What I'd like to point out is the plausible. That is, that the race organizers and those who were hired or volunteered or mandated by policy or law to cover race safety issues failed in a big way to insure large vessel traffic was monitored, which could have easily been accomplished by modern radar, and thus warnings issued to the the participants. It is so easy to point the finger at a cruiser or racer for not wearing a PFD and implying blame soley on that person by mention in a typical news article written by a very uninformed reporter. This person should have asked several imperative questions. Instead of quoting one LE source's comment that the lack of PFD usage by experienced mariners causing this tragedy may never be known, why not track down what organization had control of large vessel traffic monitoring in the are during the incident. My opinion, which likely will be fiercely rebutted, is that not all sailors have a need to wear a PFD while underway or in port or on the beach, though arguably, I believe it to be prudent under some circumstances. Instead, let us mariners continue to accept blame and the government will impose stricter laws for the good of us all to the point that boating is no longer enjoyable. Those who take to the sea take the risks that go with it. I will always boat and will always prefer not to wear my PFD in fair weather and favorable conditions. It's the chance I would rather take than have to be told like a child what is in my best interest.

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