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Apr 17, 2012


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b pearce

What a waste. If this makes you angry then realize that Alabama still allows commercial gill-netting.
Nets are Non-discriminate killing mechanisms. While there is not much anyone can do about this episode, you can join CCA and fight gill nets.


This shark was likely drawn into the Sea of Cortez by the prospect of dominating the scene of a potential Grey Whale carcass, and would imagine she might follow the whales up in the coast on her way towards the Farallon Islands and/or surrounding vicinity.


Second great white shark caught in Mexico this year? I also doubt that this was an accident and someone should be fining if not imprisoning these folks for this. Disgusted.

Liv Goodwin

I very much doubt this magnificent creature was found dead as suggested, and if so, why so much blood around its mouth?!
It's absolutely ridiculous that so many sharks are killed every year to make a soup which is so full of mercury that it has the potential to cause brain disease in those who consume it!
Do these people not realise that they are playing God with a very fragile ecosystem and if they deplete the oceans of its biggest predator the ramifications are unimaginable?!


If it was truly dead when caught...Why is there blood all around the head in the first shot?


Shark meat has the highest levels of mercury and other toxins, way higher than other fish. I would be avoiding the "fish tacos" around Guaymas for the next year or so.


Such a tragic loss. So sad. She was likely to be one of only a few left at that size. Very sad. We've lost a beautiful animal who plays a vital and very important role in maintaining oceans balance and health. I never want to see this happen. #SaveSharks

Michelle Michael

Make's me question "was it really found dead?" Just saying....none the less,very sad.

Juanmi Alemany

Yes, the shark should be donated for scientifoc research....
Juanmi Alemany



Unbelievable!!!!! Thumbs up are you kidding me??!?!!! The poor thing is an endangered species and people say they were 'Treated' with the catch!!! 100Million Sharks die each year for SharkFin soup, if this continues there'll be no sharks left in 10 year... The Eco system will then slowly collapse., and for what? Soup that is high in Mercury and now linked to brain disease!! .. This image was about an 'Accident'' catch and should have gone to Science not for glory. To talk to me about this or find out more about my thoughts check out my website below...


Shark Boy G

Hi Pete - can I repost this on my blog http://sharkboygansbaai.blogspot.com , not much of a blog yet (just started)...I am a shark lover in Gansbaai, and trying to get awareness going - this news is so horrible....

A Facebook User

most whites around the 20ft mark weight 2 tons ( 4400 lbs ) and looking at these pictures i would put this one closer to 16-17 ft at best, considering it looks like its around 7 to 8 feet from the nose tip to the dorsal which is the slightly smaller end of half way. i'm guessing they let the fishermen take the measurements.


That's a shame. The shark should be donated for scientific research.

Patric Douglas

So sad. The more of these images we see each year the more credence there is to the suggestion that the Sea of Cortez harbors a distinct and dwindling population of big white sharks.

More study by serious researchers could help solve this ongoing puzzle.

Patric Douglas CEO

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