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Mar 07, 2012


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I met mt 1st. shark in Roatan.....I wish I could live under the sea.

Dave.e Mitchell
rescue diver.


Bull sharks 'can be' dangerous and unpredictable, but then so can most animals. In the majority of occasions these actions come from some form of perceived threat. If you spend any time under the water you will learn that the once you can become relaxed in the water you are no longer perceived as a threat by its inhabitants and thus far less likely to be in danger. Sharks need our help and not to be hunted. They create a balance in the ocean which cannot be replaced so the more people showing another side to the 'personality' of these amazing creatures, the better. peace.

Charles Conti

Mr Harris, the above comment, should have read his comment out loud to himself before posting. Mr Healey is not "lying to you" or manipulating you in any way. All he is trying to accomplish is to reverse years of manipulation and bias towards sharks that already exist. I am sorry you have such a poor understanding of sharks but there is no need to lash out at others who are trying to promote awareness. As someone who spends a lot of time in the ocean surfing and diving around sharks constantly I can in all honesty say with no bias and no intent of manipulation that sharks are not out to get anyone. You should however have a healthy respect for sharks especially the species that CAN kill you. Common sense would tell you if there is a feeding frenzy going down go surf somewhere else or if you are diving be careful and use common sense around dangerous marine wildlife of all kinds. Kudos to Mark Healey for trying to spread some knowledge. "Fins belong on sharks not in soups!!"

Kevin Harris

Bull sharks are dangerous and unpredictable. Anyone who tells you otherwise is putting their own bias and agenda above your safety. The reputation of sharks is more important to them than your life. They lie to you because they have justified in their minds that manipulating you is OK.

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