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Mar 14, 2012


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As one of those furtunate to have dived in the company of Manta Rays I think it is sad. Someone should identifythe company these people work for and expose them. This bad publicity may then force ALL companies working inan on the Ocean to educate their staff as to their conservation commitment.

uk disco

This is a Manta ray (Manta birostris). It cannot sting, since it does not have a barbed sting, like the sting ray that killed Steve Irwin (through no fault of the sting ray...) It is a non aggresice animal that could at worst bump into you! Bonny Is


I happened upon a Giant Manta Ray while scuba diving in the Red Sea. Scared the bejeezus out of me initially. It was about 7 feet across and had a 15 foot "bull whip" tail. When it saw me it swam around and headed towards me. At about 15 feet from me it suddenly bolted straight up and backwards and disappeared. In an instant it was gone. So glad those things are "friendly" or I might not be typing this today.

Charlotte York

I recently came across a sight called Hunting Legends where every photo looks just like that, where they are standing next to a dead lion or lioness or a zebra and so on. This site organizes trips to various places around the world especially Africa where wealthy people can go hunt for fun. I was disgusted and joined Humane Society Org, that very same day. I wonder why there has not been a protest yet against that.

Dee Rugh

Why are they so happy in the photo?!? It's so sad that this has happened, accident .... or otherwise. These are such magnificent, beautiful and peaceful creatures, and it truly saddens me that people, like the ones in the photo, either contribute to or encourage their deaths :(


anyone notice how the one white guy is standing there with disgust??and on another note.. this kind of stuff happens.. but that is NOT an anchor... I have been around many boats and ships my whole life and that is by far NOT an anchor!


seems eerily familiar... http://battlezoo.blogspot.com/2007_12_01_archive.html or http://www.fishingfury.com/20080111/world-record-manta/

not entirely convinced these beautiful creatures are contributing to their own deaths.. wonder how much these fools make


im sure they didnt intend to kill it.....
but they could have sold it to some research and learn about the creature from the deep, its truly incredible and i doubt tht hes the only giant of the depths


It was dead when they pulled it up. what would all you greenpeace loonies have had them done with it? throw it back in the water? OMFG!!!! they sold a dead "fish" to some fishermen...they should all rot in jail and then burn in hell.

K. Grove

Mantas cannot sting, are docile plankton and fish eating creatures. This story is so sad on many levels. Maybe it will somehow help in saving these graceful creatures who are endangered in many parts of the world.

Georgewaters OJEIGBE gojiegbe@Jhplc.com

I love this beautiful sea animal. It has the shape of UFO flying ship.

Pete Thomas

To those who have commented about mantas not being able to sting, that was made clear in the story and now is abundantly clear. They are plankton eaters and I have been diving with them a few times off La Paz, Baja California Sur. They were some of my best diving experiences.

Sun me

Manta rays are one of the most peaceful, non-threatening species of ray. They cannot "sting."

This is just another case of human ignorance unchecked, in this case courtesy of Grind.TV.com


Pete, I'm amazed you published such a story without any qualifier. You, the Great Outdoors expert that you are, should have modified the erroneous comment found in the oil worker's reportage.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check the comments above.


Manta Rays do NOT sting.

They are docile, plankton eater. These so-called "devil fish" are in fact vegetarians.


things die all the time... just because humans had something to do with it (i.e. dropping anchor there), everybody wants to get all greenpeace on everybody else. chill out. and if you're really bitching about the price it was sold for you're NUTS because that completely contradicts your caring arguement, should it have been sold for more or what?


Please....stop acting like any of you really care. you are probably wearing shoes that were made by child slaves. Not to mention your fancy phone you used to write your comment. Give me a break


God created it and not one sparrow falls without his noticing it. Yes we should care, yet the real tragedy is that we don't forgive one another for the things we do. Ever smash a bug? Ever eat a cow? Ever hate someone? God says we are worth many sparrows. Love your neighbor as yourself, while being good stewards of the earth. I love nature but it isn't able to go to heaven with me, you are. God bless you.


Sad story, but this was not the first time this happened to a Manta. I remember two reports where Mantas got entangled in anchor chains near Trinidad.

On one occasion, the captain of a small tugboat at anchor was on board when the boat suddenly started to move. When he went to the bow to check his gear, he noticed a manta ray pulling the chain back and forth. If I remember correctly, the captain tried to release the chain to give the ray a chance to free itself, but it finally died still entangled in the chain.
Local scientists suggested that the Manta ray may have tried to get rid of skin parasites by rubbing along the chain.

Again, sad story, especially if you ever witnessed the grace and majesty of flying Manta rays under water.

Charles Opara

even if the ray was hauled up dead why sell it to fishermen??????? at 5 thousand naira,the other day at bar beach Lagos,a leather back was caught by fisher men and instead of doing something good with it they sold it for 2500 naira,it shows the level of ignorance about the environment on the part of we Nigerians,we have some of the best oceans and lands but my people cannot care less about the environment

Capt Long Jonhsilver

Look at the number of scallops you could have gotten off that thing!

Doreen Murgatroyd

A really interesting post. Pharrod's post leaves questions. What does he mean by saying it could be preserved. Wasn't it dead when they pulled it up?

How did the anchor kill it? I don't suppose anyone will really know.

The photos give a really good idea of the size of these sea creatures.


As one of those furtunate to have dived in the company of Manta Rays I think it is sad. Someone should identifythe company these people work for and expose them. This bad publicity may then force ALL companies working inan on the Ocean to educate their staff as to their conservation commitment. Failure to do this could result in the public withdrawing support from these companies hitting them in the pocket. The only place that really hurts them.

Capt R W Oz

guess what...manta rays have no ability to sting or even bite for that matter. this planet is doomed if this kind of ignorant, moronic behavior goes on ...


Disgrace to humankind.

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