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Mar 23, 2012


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Tracey, the reports I heard on the news say that other folks with hydrophones heard explosions the night of the exercise in question. If that is true, then someone used ordnance and of course the U.S. Navy knows whose ordnance it was. My husband was a public affairs officer for a bit...and I know they don't tell you everything...No insult intended.

If it wasn't us, it was the Canadians. The trauma to her body wasn't a spontaneous occurrence.

There is no defense for this. The Navy is aware that these sentient animals can be silent for many hours at a time. Just because an observer on watch didn't spot them or hear them doesn't mean that they weren't nearby. You roll the dice every time you claim to know that there are no whales about.

I know the navy has to train. Chinese subs surfacing without warning among U.S. Naval vessels is disconcerting to say the least...But damn it gentlemen, the Navy needs to move their sonar and weapons training out to the Pacific and out of Puget Sound! NOW!

I'm not for it, but maybe it is finally time to satellite tag members from each pod: J, K and L so that you might have a more precise idea of where they are before one or both of our navies or coast guards starts blowing stuff up. Of course that info should only be handed out on a need to know basis...not for use by commercial operations.

Be prepared for the blowback from tens of thousands of whale watchers that travel here from all over the globe...

Sharon McCarry

Hi my name is Colm. I am 8 and a half and live in Montreal West. I know a lot about orca whales. I would like to learn more about the baby orca that died. Is Free Willy in the baby orca's pod? What other whales are in the pod? Why did the Navy choose to go to that place in the ocean? I think they should have been more careful. Thank you.

Howard Garrett

After US Navy exercises in the Bahamas killed a dozen beaked whales of different species, and a minke whale, the public affairs officers denied having used powerful sonars for about a year, until the forensic evidence became overwhelming, at which point they belatedly admitted having done so. In the case of L112, ALL the evidence points to detonation by explosives. The Navy has listening devices up and down the coast and would be aware of any such detonations, so if some other source blew up L112 (and probably her family) it would benefit the Navy to provide that information.

Kenneth Balcomb

The point is that the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is part of the larger Northwest Training Range Complex that has been used for at least fifteen years as a bombing range, and for other military activities. Aside from the absurdity of conducting high explosive bombing exercises in the core foraging habitat of an endangered species, the stranding record demonstrates ample evidence of potential impacts in the form of numerous blunt force trauma victims (marine mammals) washing ashore over the years. The law requires that these strandings be investigated along with reports of the authorized military training activities so that potential impacts can be evaluated. The first ever Navy report of training activities in the NWTRC was issued July 1, 2011 and it was CLASSIFIED, rendering investigation impossible! My request was for an enforcement investigation to be conducted in which all relevant information would be forthcoming, including sensor data and classified information that is not available from public affairs officers. Who jumped to a conclusion? See our website, whaleresearch.com.

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Tracey Moriarty

I am a public affairs officer for the U.S. Navy's Energy and Environmental Readiness Division. I can tell you that the U.S. Navy did not conduct any training with sonar or explosives in the Pacific Northwest for at least a month before the orca stranded. Examination of the animal by state wildlife officials and private research organizations indicates the orca died just two to four days prior to stranding. So, it is inaccurate and inappropriate to jump to a conclusion that the Navy is somehow associated with the young orca's death.

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