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Feb 29, 2012


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It would be very good if he stays commissioner. Many people know what he did. He have to do such other good things. We must give him a chance.


The HSUS is a totalitarian group that has no respect for views and lifestyles not their own...after the recent banning of hunting with dogs it looks like any rural minority will now be political cannon fodder for the arrogant politicos in Frisco and Sacramento...soon the day might be here when the CA "Fish and Wildlife" commissioner loses his job for ordering a steak in Reno, a misdemeanor in CA...I say boycott: no more purchases of CA Fish and Game licences/permits...let em collapse into the fiscal disaster that is Democratically run CA.

CC Simone

We need to fire the politians who are supporting this man's actions. Clearly they cannot be trusted, because they are trying to protect someone who so blatantly and arrogantly snubbed his job. It is an example of the "Good Old Boy" system in action. This is a clear-cut example of a coflict between the his job and his hobby. Those of who work for the Government must sign a conduct agreement stating that our actions and professional behavior extend beyond the work place.

Further, the examples given (gambling or driving a rented car) do not compare to the act of killing wildlife when that is what you are getting paid, and very well at that, to protect. There is a big difference between killing and playing slots. How can we trust this man to be doing a good job when he obviously does not believe in what he is doing. Please, immediately remove him now. He can go get a job in Idaho.


Richards had every right to go and hunt. He was givrn the choice to shoot a lion that was a problem animal. For some legislator to recommend he resign is a joke. The tree huggers just trying to ruin a good mans career. DON'T RESIGN.


@ Bill

Comparing a legal hunt for cougars with sex with children is completely inapt and simply discredits whatever point you were trying to make- much like suing in federal court to free Killer Whales from "slavery" simply insults the larger public's intelligence.

As someone who is personally opposed to hunting wolves, big cats or even bears- I understand it might be something you look askance upon. But try to be serious.

Samouel Bernstein

Since when do California laws extend beyond the borders of California?

An obvious attempt by the inner-city liberal left wing vegan animal rights lobby to load the commission in their favor.

Soon the only thing that you'll be able to hunt for in California are mushrooms and berries!


Really? So if our attorney general went to Thailand to have sex with children (since it may be legal there), that would be OK? He didn't break any law by doing so. Same analogy.

Steve from MO

Wow, I never regret leaving my home state of CA. More hysteria per hectare than anywhere else on the planet. Jay, you don't know what a guided hunt is. The term "guided" indicates nothing about the hunters skills. I've done some guiding, and been guided some. Also, many western states actually require guides for wilderness area hunts. And despite whatever it is you apparently get from cartoons, hunting is much more about being a real human than being a "real man".


Wow. A guided hunt. What a real man. Head out on your own and do it with your own skills, then you get my respect. Sounds like a rich CA a** with a gun, too much money and not enough outdoors experience.

Roy Cornelison

I hope he stays commissioner. There are plenty of people in California that understand what he did. If it were illegal that would be a different story. There are alot of people in California that hunt and own firearms. It's sad that people in other states think we are all wacked out liberal anti hunters. I know the liberals have the right to their opinions but they need to keep them to themselves and use the energy somewhere else.


Mountain Lions are still legally hunted in Ca. if the animal in question endangers human life. It can shot right away but has to be given to the DFG within 24 hours. If a lion has killed livestock or pets you apply for special permit to hunt and kill it and again it has to be turned over to the DFG within 24 hours.

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