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Feb 15, 2012


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Mr Hall, it's illegal to recreationally fish and sell your catch on the east coast too

frank hall

Most states on the east coast allow you to sell your catch
it's mostley on the west cost where it it's ileagle

the holy grail

This officer who carries a badge as a captain of a famous city has enjoyed fishing with friends, and abusing the laws against fish and game. He probably has been doing this for years, compensating his trip and expenses at the cost of committing a crime.He should have caught and released if he had enough for himself, yet he is a greedy firefighter who isn't happy with a lucrative pension and a six figure salary, it makes one wonder if any or all of the fishing trips have paid with funds diverted from the coffers of the department by giving them a free ride on the backs of taxpayers. This statistic needs to be investigated and shared with the public. To all those who are honest within the fire departments we salute you with honor and integrity, but to those who need to cheat to get ahead I pray for you and your families.


Jackal, there are lots of good reasons why it is illegal to sell sport caught fish.


Let him sell the damn fish. It's already dead - the gov't has to stick their dick in everything they can.

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