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Feb 28, 2012


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I've seen this phenomenon at sea while in the Navy. In every case it is the dolphins that came to the ship- not the ship chasing the dolphins. I've seen large pods swim circles around a fast moving nuclear aircraft carrier. The dolphins are too fast and manuverable a swimmer to allow a slow moving boat, like this tour boat, plow into them. Ignorance is a dangerous thing...common sense is a rare commodity these days.


what idots some people can be. the boat played NO part in the stampede. it is just what they do some times. and we are not reverting to apes, we are one of the 5 great apes. although i'm not to sure we are that great any more. people should watch a few more nature shows, & a lot less reality shows.

judy willis

I believe the television (news medias) has brainwashed people into thinking negatively and/or just not thinking. What a spectacular thing it is to be among these amazing creatures that love frolicking alongside the boat(s). Obviously, the people making the comments have not experienced that. Sad for them.


I love how stupid people are these days. It's like humanity is reverting to being apes again. None of the dolphins got hurt. You think they're stupid enough to get crushed by a boat? If they were you'd hear about it a whole lot more. Dolphins are extremely smart and quick. That's why they swim by boats all of the time without getting hit and saved humans who've been attacked by sharks. Do some research and learn things instead of sitting on youtube rotting your brains away.

Richard McDonald

I worked on a oil platform in 1978 and was lucky enough to see a dolphin stampede from 300 feet above the water. They came out of nowhere and circled the platform and just headed out back to sea. There were no ships around.


somebody should have yelled at them...stop the f*kn ship! stop the slaughter ! bunch of pea heads --gonna love it when karma gets them!


this is a sign that another disaster will strike.


Science suggests that ship noise stresses marine mammals: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/09/whales-ship-noise-stress_n_1266590.html. As a mom, I know that having the dishwasher going and two kids playing noisily while trying to have a conversation with my husband makes me crazy.

Human understanding of unusual marine mammal behavior (strandings, for example) is in its infancy. I'm not convinced that 2,000 dolphins are stampeding here for fun, but suppose it's a possibility.


DANAPOINTWHALEWATCH, should be fined and the license removed, bastards you can see clearly they hit the dolphins because the way the boat cruises it crossing the dolphins swimming


There are people that don't like aquariums, but you will even find people that hate the idea there are boats out on the ocean like this no matter how legal it is.


I agree that the boat is not to blame for startling the animals, usually dolphins dive to avoid boats, however, at one point the boat did seem to be going through the middle of the group. rather than parallel to the group, which I believe is in breach of most code of conducts.

Scott Sansenbach

Great points Pete. Amazing how many people make these comments with no knowledge of the animals natural behavior.

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