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Jan 05, 2012


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Jhon doe

im going to start off by saying its in our constitutional rights to own guns that will never change you moron. Two its not advertising to kids (as if a child can go buy ammo ) and three its a theme of course you got to be a shmuk if you thinks zombies are going to start poping out of the ground if u dont like the ammo dont buy it crazy nut job.

Zombie killer

big g

with all the anti gun groups out there, we have to give them more reason to act as though all gun owners are far from normal.This latest move by hornady mixing video game bs with child like advertisement just adds gas to the on going fire. guns are NOT toys and should never be compared to games, toys or some bullsh-- end the world myth. shame on you hornady. As for all you kids or young people who read this dont worry your opinion will change as you get older its crap like that will cause you to loose your gun rights. I own 30 plus guns and have been reloading for over 30 years. I believe dont drink and drive and don't mix guns with bull shi- Hornady needs to fire the 8 year old running the company and but a responsible adult back in charge

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