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Dec 29, 2011


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The idea that any apex preditor is critical or even important for that matter to an echo system is an idea that is absurd on its face. How are we getting by without those cave bears,dyere wolves, or saber tooth cats? Seems the environment is doing ok without them. If you realy think "overpopulated dear,elk ,and bison heards(funny all we ever hear about these animals is that more and more land has to put off limits to people to protect them)need to be culled as you say then your best bet is to use humman hunters.You can control the number of animals culled by the number of tags isued.Once you release a new preditor into an area you have no control.They may wipe out endangred species as it looks like they mey do to the Bighorn Sheep subspecies in Yellowstone Park.


Me thinks you watched too many Disney moovies about the balance of nature and the "noble wolf" as a child.


Oh the cliches. There is no such thing as a balance of nature. The earth is in a constant state of flux. As one spcecies disapears from an area other species will expand to the echo sytems abilty to support them.so it has bean for millions of years,so it will always be. There is no such thing as a steady balance of nature,not in this universe.Its a term made up by miopic fools looking at events in centuries on an earth that mooves in millenia. The animals,wolves that is ,are not magnificent. they are one .of only about half a dozen animals in the world that kill for sport. also, unlike cougars whom dispatch there victims quickly,wolves have the nasty habbit of eating there victims alive(that includes people,like in India for example where they kill about 100 people a year. Mostly children.)

Ed Smith

Society cannot just keep taking and reducing the plan of Natures God. There must be a balance on the land. Wolves numbers, reduced through the process of hunting will only slow down (natural movement) dispersal of these magnificent animals. They must be allowed to repopulate and move on to other areas. 

Ranchers must know that their is a cost of doing business (no guarantees) on leased land. There are proper cattle ranching practices that have proven quite effective in controlling predation of all types. 

Hunters who claim their rights to kill all matter of animal must remember that the National Forests/BLM lands/waterways belong to us all and we as a people have a right to demand a proper stewardship be implemented across all public lands and waters.

These animals have proven themselves to be quite effective in culling over populated elk, dear and bison by removing old, weak and sick animals which make for a healthier herd. This has also proven beneficial for the land as well. Stands of young willow and aspen being allowed to grow bring back a better watershed for the whole of the area.

For hunters to attack comments by fellow Americans by referring to them as hippies, liberals or tree huggers and therefore dismiss their comments, shows us all who they are as people. Their ignorance, greed, selfish, and unwilling to consider the responsibility God charged us all with. They are of the mind set to take and take and take more and more with out regards for the cost. May we remind them as to why we have a few wolves once more, they were all once killed.

Give them a chance. Let there be a natural dispersal across the west. They are not a pest (rodent) rather a bit of balance.

Matthew Rokes

Big mistake. This will just cause more hatred of wolves. Ca. DFG has spent a ton of money and time to re-introduce elk to Siskiyou County. It is a proven fact what wolves will do to elk herds and livestock. Wolves no longer have a place here in Ca. It does not matter who was here first. It matters who is here now. I am not a wolf hater, quite the opposite. I am a realist and I don't fantasize about it being "cool" to have wolves here or that they are an endangered species. This is a lose - lose situation.


The gray wolves were here before the cattle ranchers. Its exciting to see a species flourish again.


First *recorded* wolf in 90 years. Ever been to the Yolla Bollys? There are wolves there now. I and others have seen them.

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