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Dec 15, 2011


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Wow, talk about "selective" use of statistics. The deliberate over-hunting of wolves in the Yellowstone area starting in the 1930's thinned the wolf population to such an extent that the elk population expanded relatively unchecked by natural predation. The "20,000" figure you mention (citation please?), would presumably be referring to the resultant over-sized population. Let's ignore for now the illogical "before wolves", unless you're hypothesizing that wolves were somehow introduced to the region subsequent to elk. Please read up on the predictable effects of the over-hunting of the wolves, and the cascading ecosystem effects on both flora and fauna, at http://www.yellowstonepark.com/2011/06/yellowstone-national-park-wolf-reintroduction-is-changing-the-face-of-the-greater-yellowstone-ecosystem/ (and numerous other links, with a little effort).

Sheldon Carpenter

While hunting on the Zumwalt Prairie in Eastern Oregon, I believe I came across Wolf OR3. Saw him following Elk a couple of times. The wolf came within 100 yards of me up on a mountain. Something I will never forget. I took some pictures of his tracks.



Please prove the evidentiary support to support your unfounded claims, e.g., not just the purported population decimation, but a causal connection to wolf predation. That is just poppycock.

Jim Matthews

Interesting story Pete, but I just wish people would quit writing that wolves focus their killing on the weak or injured and help the herds. They kill the young, the old, the healthy, and the weak. They are designed for killing and are good at it. The Yellowstone elk herd numbered over 20,000 before wolves and it's below 4,000 now -- an 80 percent decline. The moose herd around Jackson, Wyo., was around 1,200 before wolves and only 117 were counted in 2010. Biologists said both of those herds and the bulk of their individuals were very healthy, thriving, before wolves. I'm glad the wolves are back and expanding their range, but their impacts are dramatic and significant.

Kevin from Southern Oregon

Mark Stoufer is an idiot for making such an ignorant statement

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