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Nov 09, 2011


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Yeah if you stop the video at 0:26 sec and then measure on the left side of the screen (which gives the most view from trough to crest) the wave appears to be 15.2 times his height (i don't know how tall he is but i just guessed 5'10" which puts the wave at 88.6 feet. Its definitely a big one and prolly is in the 90 foot range.

Marco G.

This is a portuguese TV report with Garrett. After Garrett's interview there's some footage that can be seen for the first time.


Marco G.

Btw, here's the best video I was able to get from youtube. All other videos are shorter and edited, even in ESPN.

This is the full and uncut version in HD.



Tall, but not a very critical looking wave. I still believe Peahi (Jaws) is the premier tow-in wave out there..

Marco G.

I made some calculations and triangulated with Garrett's size. The result is almost 29 meters. More than 90 feet. I guess the video is a bit misleading because you can't see the trough of the wave clearly. It's hidden by the front wave. But you can see it for a brief moment at the bottom left, snapshot and calculate from there.

Another important aspect of this shot is the way Garrett exits the wave. He rides it just 3/4 of it's height then exits just before getting wiped out. Remember he exits the wave through the right section of the video which has the trough hidden.

Two Finger Poi

Waves are measured by NOAA from the back trough to the peak, which is usually 25-30% more than the face.


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