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Oct 21, 2011


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Ron's a douche. Poor Bobby couldn't get a word in edgewise when the State Parks ranger showed up to take his statement.

Ron, move back to SoCal. Or at least shut up when you're polluting my lineup. We're all sick of your yelling.

Bobby, I'm glad you came out of this physically unharmed.


So his prayer saved him from injury but not from a terrifying experience? Quite a sense of humour his god(s) must have!


Strange a perfect bite mark. No other teeth marks? a shark will shake it's head side to side as it's chewing, & trying to get a better grip leaving more teeth marks. NO WAY TOTALY FALSE


@Kavak Girl - There are no life guards on that beach.

Kayak Girl

glad that he's okay. is there any warning from the life guard if there have been sharks lurking in the area? this is the first time i have heard of a great white traveling through that part.

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