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Oct 14, 2011


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this stuff is dumb and fake your just trying to scamm paople on this lame website!get a life there are no 'ZOMBIES'

Steve Rodgers

Its from their 'Critical' line of ammo, instead of a red silicone plug it is a line green silicone plug. Pretty funny marketing gimmic, still great ammo.


Also of note...KA-BAR is selling a ZK (Zombie Killer) line of knives. They feature puke-green handles and a biohazard-inspired logo on the sheaths. The knives are pretty decent looking tools and they come with a set of black handle scales in the package so you don't have to rock the puke-green.

Sounds like fun marketing...kinda like CMMG's Tactical Bacon to the next level. I imagine most folks that run into this Zombie Max ammo are probably going to be Hornady users already who ask "whats that?" when they go to their shop. That said I'm sure legal had to be at least a little perturbed. I can hear the headline now..."Police say the homeowner opened fire using Hornady's Zombie Max ammo, a bullet marketed for maximum killing power on zombies and the undead. It is unclear at this point if the homeowner believed the intruders were actually zombies." Then later in court..."Did you actually believe my client was a zombie? Do you discriminate against zombies? Do you?"

I know they put on the package that it's not to be used for anything except 'zombies' but ammo boxes in general usually say something to the effect of "only for use in modern firearms in clean working condition and chambered for this same exact round..." How many times have you seen the effects of people not reading the box? "Three Oh Eight is the same as Seven Point Six Two so this oughta work in that old Russian gun I bought for seventy bucks."

Either way I wish them luck. Might have to pick some up for presents.

Will Corley

Brownells is marketing in this way as well ( http://www.brownells.com/aspx/general/zombie.aspx?sp_rid=MjQxOTE5ODg3NzMS1&sp_mid=3700686 ). I suspect (opinion) this is not related to Halloween. To many, Zombie Apocalypse is code for WTSHTF.


It's probably just a purpose-built self-defense round with high-weight-retention/high-expansion projectiles, with an interesting marketing campaign. I read an article recently about small/local hardware stores that had a "Zombie Section" for killing the 'undead'; chainsaws, machetes, and shovels, etc.... Of course it's not serious, but the marketing experts said this kind of unique product selection, can be just the thing that distinguishes a small business from the 'big-box' competition and that ultimately, it helps those small businesses, stay competitive. Imagine if you can just increase sales by just 5% by having a 'zombie section' of the hardware store, where teen-age kids or twenty-somethings by a few 'zombie supplies' -- just in case.

Hornady is probably trying to capitalize on the same marketing technique.

Interesting marketing nonetheless.

I find that their TAP ammunition, more than meets my personal defense needs. Double-Tap ammunition also puts out awesome stuff, and the Speer GoldDot ammunition is great as well.

Larry The Shooter

Tommy, its Halloween. Zombies are big money makers- and its good they're thinking bout Zombies if the movie "cogataion" was to become real.

Tommy Moon

While I can definitely see the humor here, I'm wondering; what's the point? I mean, is it just for a novelty thing or has Hornady finally dropped off the deep end? Are there any differences other than color that are significant? Is it a personal defense round? Is it a tie-in attempt to make more money during Halloween? hmmmmm....

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